Big Tree Solar Project

ConnectGen is developing a large-scale solar farm in western Wyoming County near the border of the Sheldon and Bennington Townships. ConnectGen expects to install up to 175 megawatts (MW) of solar in the area, which has the potential to power over 40,000 homes in New York State.

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Why Wyoming County?

ConnectGen has identified the area within the Towns of Sheldon and Bennington for solar development because of its proximity to the existing transmission system, favorable site suitability with limited design constraints, and Wyoming County’s history of renewable energy development.

Big Tree Solar Project Area

ConnectGen expects to use approximately 1,400 acres in Wyoming County for the Big Tree Solar Project, depending on engineering and environmental considerations.

The Big Tree Solar Project will provide benefits to the community and Wyoming County through:

Community Payments

Millions of dollars in increased revenue to the Towns of Sheldon and Bennington in Wyoming County.

Local Jobs

Local construction jobs, revenue to local businesses, and partnerships with local community groups.

Lease Payments

Millions of dollars in payments to local landowners in the form of solar leases, easement agreements, and good neighbor agreements.

About ConnectGen

Founded in 2018, ConnectGen is a renewable energy company focused on developing best-in-class wind, solar, and energy storage projects that will increase America’s supply of low-cost, domestically produced clean energy.


The ConnectGen team has previously managed and led the development of four utility-scale wind farms across New York.


ConnectGen is in the process of developing two utility-scale paired solar/storage facilities in western New York while also continuing to assess additional opportunities across the state.

ConnectGen’s experienced development team has a track record of successfully identifying, developing, and constructing renewable energy projects. Our previous project successes have been built on a foundation of strong relationships with the landowners and communities hosting the projects. We are committed to working with landowners, neighbors, and all project stakeholders to safely and responsibly design and build projects that bring long-term benefits to the communities.

Connecting Power, Projects & People